Image of Mike Stokes and Family

I am a Technical Lead working in exciting areas of Tech from Aucland, New Zealand. From a young age (yep, we had a Vic 20!), I've been facinated with computers and getting them to do things. I teach coders on a daily basis and I want to use this website to help capture some of that and share it with you!

My current love affair with tech includes my favourites:

Some of my "side projects" include:

Codename "HotLunch"

Launching soon as an MVP, this is a super exciting project a bunch of us have been working on to help people quickly create APIs in the Cloud. Stay tuned!

Gingerbread Kids

A bunch of Patents creating educational Maths apps for kids in the Primary (Elementary for Americans) kids.

Click to Convert

We created this document conversion tech as a side project in 1999 and sold our first copy on January 1st, 2000. It kept us busy and growing a business for 10 years and taught us a huge amnount about things us coders don't find intuitive like market positioning, marketing, sales and of course support :)

Thanks for reading!